5 Weight Loss Tips That Will Help Any Dieter Reach Long Term Success

weight loss planFor some, losing weight is a long and challenging process. The typical American dieter now makes about four weight loss attempts per year, as it does take some trial and error to figure out exactly what works for your body.

However, one thing for sure is it’s crucial to maintain a weight loss plan that ensures long-term success. Here are some weight loss tips and tricks that will help you be successful after your dieting journey is over.

  1. Keeping a journal
    Keeping a food journal is a great method to take because you’ll actually be seeing what you consume each and every day. You’ll also be able to track your stressors, meaning what causes you to overeat and crave unhealthy foods. A journal also works incredibly well as a way to maintain your weight loss so you can track what you’re eating.
  2. Not going cold turkey
    Even nutritionists are in agreement that a dieter should never deprive themselves when going through a weight loss program. This is because if you completely limit yourself, you have a greater chance of going overboard on your cheat days. So prevent this completely by indulging in small quantities of your favorite foods once in a while, and you won’t feel the need to cheat.
  3. Having smaller plates
    This is a fool-proof weight loss method that can work long after you have finished dieting. The idea is simple — having smaller plates means you will have smaller portions to eat. Chances are you’ll feel full when you’re done, which cuts down calories in an instant.
  4. Eating mindfully
    Pay attention to what you eat. Just because something is labeled “healthy” doesn’t necessarily mean it is, so you will want to check the nutrition facts before indulging. As a rule of thumb, be aware of everything you eat and how it can help you with your weight loss plan.
  5. Talk to professionals
    Sometimes, a professional weight loss counselor can help you get over those pesky plateaus in your weight loss. Visiting a weight loss clinic can get you in touch with some resources you didn’t know existed, they are quite a wealth of information!

Need help reaching your weight loss goals? Call our professionals today and we will put you on the path to a healthy and happy life!


Turn Your Life Around With a Weight Loss Clinic

weight loss clinicsDo you struggle with your weight? Have you spent a significant portion of your life trying to achieve and/or maintain a healthy weight? Do you find yourself relapsing after going on a diet and gaining back the weight you lost? If you feel discouraged and want to try a different way to attain and keep a healthy weight, you might want to try weight loss clinics, like what we at the Ageless Center offer. We offer you a lifetime membership to hit your goal weight with different payment solutions available to you. We focus on nutrition and offer weekly support, encouragement, and motivation from our medical team. You receive high quality, nutrient-rich food, one-on-one coaching, time with your physician to manage current obesity related disease processes, education and training on how to cultivate healthy life choices, and so much more. Visit our weight loss clinics — one location in Lexington and one location in Louisville — to get the body of your dreams.

Why Is Maintaining a Healthy Weight Necessary?
Keeping yourself at a healthy weight for your body can help reduce your risk of diseases or health issues down the line. Being “overweight” and “obese” are often thrown around common discourse and some people use them interchangeably. However, there is a difference. Being “overweight” is usually defined by doctors as a person’s weight being 10-20% higher than “normal” according to a standard height/weight chart or body mass index (BMI) of 25 to 30. Being obese means you weigh 20% more than what’s a “normal” weight for your height.

According to a study at Harvard, being obese also can increase your risk of getting diabetes 20 times and can increase your risk of developing high blood pressure, heart disease, and having a stroke. The higher a person’s BMI, the greater the chance that the person will have disease.

You can also reduce your chance of gallstones if you lose weight at the rate of about one pound a week and if you lose 5-10% of your weight can reduce your chance of getting heart disease.

How Can Weight Loss Clinics Help?
Weight loss clinics offer a more structured approach to losing weight. For example, our one-on-one sessions with our staff in terms of counseling and coaching can help patients stay on track. More formal education and guidance about how to lead a healthy lifestyle can help patients continue their weight loss and maintenance even after the program is officially “done” and they’ve hit their target weight.

At Ageless Center, they’re also overseen by doctors, medical staff, and a whole support team, who can track body fat percentage, amount of lean muscle, BMI, water intake and can in some cases, prescribe weight loss medication if needed and desired by the patient. Plus, we even after you’ve hit your desired weight, we offer you weekly weigh-ins and counseling for free for the rest of your life!

What Makes Ageless Center Different?
All of the services mentioned above set us apart from other weight loss clinics. About 80% of our business focuses on weight loss programs, but we also have a Med Spa. We offer Botox, laser treatments, and other services like peels, facials, and cool sculpting.

We have a variety of coaches who offer different approaches from motivational, tough love, educational, or more advice-driven. We want to build trusting relationships with our clients and have them feel comfortable coming in and seeking counsel. Our success rate is also two-thirds higher than other weight loss programs and 90% of our staff actually went through the programs themselves! We’re a strong and qualified team who have been where you are today and who want to help you to a better and healthier tomorrow.

Come see us today for a free consultation and become part of our network. Achieve your target weight and stay there with the help of our staff and your dedication and commitment.


All About Coolsculpting

coolsculptingSometimes, it can feel as if you have done everything you can in terms of dieting and exercise to achieve the body of your dreams. If you are feeling frustrated about your weight loss efforts and have a few areas of fat that just won’t get away, coolsculpting is for you.

What is coolsculpting?
Coolsculpting is a fat freezing procedure that is meant to treat pockets of stubborn fat. It is approved by the FDA and the results are permanent.

What does the process entail?
This noninvasive procedure requires no anesthesia or downtime, and you will be able to go back to your everyday life right after the treatment. Before the treatment, you will sit with a medical weight loss specialist and you will both determine what areas of your body to work on. Then that area of the body will be placed into a machine, which then will target fat cells under the skin with very cold temperatures. The treated cells are crystallized, frozen, then they die, and your body will naturally eliminate the fat. This process is not painful, and you will not need any pain relief medications.

What areas of the body work best?
This treatment is only beneficial to areas that tend to have excess fat, such as your thighs, hips, abdomen, legs, and arms. It is also important to remember that since only specific areas are targeted during this procedure, fat will only be removed from exactly where you want it. Your fat cells will not shift after treatment, so you don’t have to worry about being unhappy with your results.

The difference between losing fat and losing weight
It is important to remember that while coolsculpting can help you achieve the body you desire, it is not a weight loss program. It is important to know the difference between losing weight and losing fat — losing weight makes fat cells smaller, but losing weight does remove fat cells for good. But having a treatment like this will actually go ahead and remove fat cells from your body at a rate of 20% to 25%.

Across the nation, more than two in three adults are considered to be overweight or obese. If you would like to work on your body and eliminate stubborn fat, contact our weight loss clinic today to learn more about the different options available to you.

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