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We offer in-house financing options and accept HSA, FSA, Care Credit and major Debit/Credit cards. We do not bill insurance.

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Sometimes diet and exercise aren’t enough when it comes to your weight loss goals. Our weight loss program is designed to revitalize your life. 


Research shows that teaming with a medical professional to achieve your weight loss goals produces greater, longer-lasting results. Advantages for your weight loss success include the decreased risk of a heart attack, stroke, reversal of diabetes, increased energy, pain reduction, improved mobility and extended quality of life.

With Ageless, you can expect:
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With Ageless, you can expect:
Payment Options

We accept all major credit cards, debit, check, cash, Care Credit/United. We also offer patients the option of in-house payment options with a 100% approval rate. 

Lifetime Membership – Free For The Rest Of Your Life

We are fully committed to help you revitalize your life. We don’t just want you to lose weight, but to lose weight permanently*. Even after you have reached your goal, you are welcome back for weekly weigh-ins and counseling…for the rest of your life…AT NO COST. That’s commitment!

We also offer members discounted prices for food products and MedSpa services.

The AgeLess Center weight loss results

The results as seen or read in the examples on this website are from real people. The results they’re sharing were achieved through their effort and participation in our program. You are a unique individual and your journey begins in a specific place. Your average weekly weight loss, results in six months, a year, two years, will also be yours alone. We believe our program is uniquely capable of helping you achieve meaningful and measurable weight loss results.

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Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) For Weight Loss

HCG is a hormone produced in the human placenta. Artificially injecting HCG into the body makes claims of assisting with weight loss. The FDA has advised consumers to stay clear of HCG. It is not proven to work for weight loss. There are also serious potential side effects one must be aware of. There are direct links to certain increases in cancer.

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Surgical Weight Loss (Bariatric Surgery)

There are many forms of weight loss surgery. Most common are sleeves, Lap-Band, Gastric By-Pass, Balloons and more. The goal of most of these surgical weight loss efforts is to limit how much you can eat by making changes to your digestive system and reducing the nutrients you can absorb. Most bariatric surgeries can have serious side effects. They include excessive bleeding, infection, blood clots, lung/breathing issues, bowel obstruction, and in some cases even death.

Discovery your new transformation

Our patients come to us with many different health needs. We work together to create a customized plan that gets results

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