Ageless Center Staff Of The Month

July 2015 Staff Of The Month

Ageless Center July Staff Of The MonthI have been a certified Clinical Medical Assistant for over 30 years and have also been in the medical field for over 40 years. I came to Ageless in 2010. I knew I had found my passion the day I started. There have been struggles in my life where I put on and took off a lot of weight, but I have lost 120 pounds. Ageless is an amazing program and it can completely change your life! You will transform your body inside and out. Ageless will reset your metabolism, so you can keep your weight off for good, as it has done for me. I have so much compassion and love for my patients. I cannot imagine anything better than getting the chance to help people change their lives, become happier, and to be able to teach them how to maintain a healthier balanced lifestyle.

I enjoy educating each patient and helping them overcome obstacles to reach their goals!

Allie Smith, CMA, Louisville Center Weight Loss Counselor

Ageless Center Patient Of The Month

July 2015 Patient Of The Month

July 2015 Weight Loss Patient Of the Month
Ageless Weight Loss has changed my life. Before I had reached the point that I was unable to enjoy the simple pleasures of life such as a daily walk or fun times with my 4 year old granddaughter. Now I‘m able to get out and hike and run and play with an active 4 year old! I’ve learned to take nothing for granted and to enjoy every day. Than you to wonderful staff for helping me on this journey.

~ Betty Marshall, Lost over 107 pounds.