Fall Is Almost Here: Tips For Weight Loss in the New Season

Fall Is Almost Here: Tips For Weight Loss in the New Season

weight loss programA new season is coming, and the transition of summer to fall offers a perfect and natural opportunity for you to change your lifestyle and habits, especially if they involve losing weight. Take a deep breath, let go of last season’s mistakes and regrets, and embrace your ability to change and adapt. Check out these three weight loss tips for the transition from summer to fall:

Get Into Exercise Mode
After a long winter, it can feel like the summertime is a mandatory period of activity and exercise. But we as a society have it all wrong — working out in the summer heat isn’t just torture, it can be downright unsafe in some situations. Dehydration and overextension can mean that exercise has the opposite of its intended effect, and it’s just plain unpleasant as well. It’s much nicer to work out in the cool autumn air among the beautiful falling leaves.

Visit the Farmers Market
The autumn may be daunting to some because of the sudden influx of delicious and fattening foods — pies, doughnuts, candied apples and hearty soups seem to be everywhere you look. But on the other hand, the fall is a bountiful season full of foods that are great for weight loss — think winter squash, yams, Brussels sprouts, apples, and cauliflower.

Join a Program
But don’t join exclusively for the weight loss program benefits. Join for the companionship that a club can provide for you — when the winter comes, it will be very nice to have the motivation and inspiration to continue exercising that such camaraderie can provide. Plus, you are more likely to succeed if you have some accountability with people you like and with whom you have a common purpose.

There are so many reasons why weight loss can benefit you. By losing 5-10% of your body weight, you can drastically lower your chances of contracting heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions. Don’t hesitate to make little changes, like walking during your lunch, joining a weight loss program or seeking help from a weight loss clinic/weight loss centers, as these could ultimately alter your whole life.

What Can Little Kids Teach You About Weight Loss

weight loss centersAlthough about a third of children and teens from ages six to 19 are considered obese, it usually isn’t the child that is responsible for their weight. Rather, a combination of demographics, biology, their parents, and caretakers can all play a role. In fact, kids are usually great at self-regulation and self-control, and it’s no wonder so many of them are lean and muscular what with all the running around they do.

The fact is that kids actually have some great lessons to share that can particularly pertain to weight loss. If you’re feeling fatigued by your weight loss journey, whether it involves frequent trips to weight loss centers or never ending diets, then you might need a refresher.

Check out some of kernels of uncanny and intuitive weight loss wisdom we can all learn from young people:

It Can Be A Game

Make the whole program easier for yourself by pretending it’s a game and competing against yourself. Many weight loss centers will help you find apps or trackers to help with this.

Laughter Is Always Good

Your weight loss journey won’t be easy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it and laugh at the pitfalls and mistakes that come down the road. Plus, laughter burns fat!

Don’t Eat It If You Don’t Like It

If your diet and diet foods make you cringe, you are on the wrong diet. Food is a celebration, and you should enjoy eating even very healthy and curated foods. Experiment until you find something you like.

Listen to Your Body

When kids are hungry, they eat. When they need rest, they rest. Ultimately, your body knows what’s best — so listen to it! Figure out ways to not go overboard when obeying your bodies needs. Eat some almonds when you get hungry in the middle of the afternoon. Meditate for ten minutes when you get tired during a run. Take it slow and listen.

Anything is Possible

When you start to get down and out about your weight loss journey, just remember that childish feeling that anything is possible. Once you start believing in yourself, you’ll be much more likely to end up happier and proud of yourself. You’ll surprise yourself with how much you can achieve.

And most of all, remember to trust your gut! If certain weight loss centers or weight loss programs just aren’t working for you, then ditch it and find the regime that makes the most sense for your life. This is your life and your body, and remember to have fun!

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