Looking for the Right Weight Loss Program? Visit a Medical Weight Loss Clinic

medical weight loss programHave you been attempting to lose weight on your own? What is your weight loss plan and how successful have you been? If you’re making minimal progress, you may be thinking about the benefits of visiting a weight loss clinic and learning about a medical weight loss program.

Losing weight is not just about counting calories and limiting fat and salt intake. While this can make a significant difference, so too does engaging in physical activity. In addition to taking brisk ten-minute walks, aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercises are also recommended. A medical weight loss clinic can assist you with developing an exercise plan that works for you and your lifestyle.

Are you experiencing any weight-related health issues? If so, were you aware that you can lower the possibility of developing heart disease by losing just 5%-to-10% of your current weight? Furthermore, the possibility of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, and strokes can be decreased when obesity is not a factor, according to a recent Harvard study.

If you’re not sure whether you are overweight or obese, it’s important to have this determination made by a doctor at a medical weight loss center. In general, however, you would be considered overweight if you weigh 10%-to-20% more than what is considered to be normal for your height. On a standard height/weight chart, this would mean that you have a body mass index between 25%-to-30% To be considered as obese, you would likely weigh a minimum of 20% over that amount.

Your state-of-mind can make a profound difference on your weight loss success. In addition to thinking positive thoughts and focusing on being a healthy, optimal weight, having a support team can further ensure your success. In addition to discussing your eating habits and patterns, a medical weight loss clinic’s staff will provide motivational and other types of coaching.

Whether you’ve made an attempt to lose weight during the past year or not, you can do so now. Please contact us today to learn more about how our medical weight loss program and CoolSculpting can make a difference in your life.

3 Great Tips to Lose Those Unwanted Pounds

weight loss clinicObesity is a serious issue in the United States. Sadly, many people think that if they are overweight they simply can’t do anything about it and just continue living an unhealthy lifestyle. When you really take a step back and think about it, however, you’ll realize that anyone can lose a few pounds and get down to a healthy weight if they take it seriously, remain focused, and work hard.

The easiest way to become overweight and continue to gain unnecessary weight as you go along is to just be lazy. That’s why ending lazy habits is essential when it comes to weight loss. If you find yourself coming home each day and spending hours on your couch doing nothing but watching TV shows and eating unhealthy snacks, it’s probably no surprise that you’re going to gain some extra pounds.

In addition to putting an end to your lazy habits, there are a few other things you can do to shed off those unwanted pounds, get back to a healthy weight, and continue living a happy life.

Attend a Medical Weight Loss Clinic
If your issues with weight have become increasingly difficult to control, you might want to seek professional assistance. By attending quality medical weight loss clinics, you will be getting professional consulting on how to handle your weight loss and it’ll feel great once you actually end up losing the pounds. These medical professionals will provide you with an individualized weight loss plan that will truly change your life.

Focus On Your Diet
It sounds simple enough, but dieting can be extremely difficult for people who are trying to lose weight. If you have eaten the same way for years, no matter how important it is for you to change your diet, it’s going to be extremely difficult to just abruptly stop eating like you’re used to. Take it one day at a time. If you’re serious about getting healthy and losing the weight, you need to change your diet.

Exercise More
Working out at least a few times a week can go a long way in your fight against extra pounds. You’ll have to work extremely hard, as researchers have stated that in order to lose a single pound of fat you’ll have to burn at least 3,500 calories. But if you work hard and do the right exercise routines, you’ll be able to get down to a respectable weight.

If you’re in need of professional assistance from a weight loss clinic, contact Ageless Center and start getting healthier today!

Medical Weight Loss Centers: A Healthy Alternative

weight loss centerWere you aware that the typical dieter attempts to lose weight four times a year? While the reasons for not maintaining a diet are unique to every person, there is usually an underlying cause that prevents someone from being successful. Participating in a medical weight loss center program can make a major difference in attaining healthy weight loss.

One of the reasons it may be challenging to lose weight is due to a lack of regular aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities. A recent survey has shown that only one-in-three adults actually participate in a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity every day.

Another reason it may be challenging to lose weight pertains to daily food intake. When adults are busy, they may not be able to create the time to prepare healthy meals and snacks. Instead, they tend to eat take-out or have food delivered. Even though there may be some healthier choices available, many of these meals may have hidden fats, empty calories, and excessive salt.

A major health concern in the United States is sodium intake. It’s been shown that when someone reduces salt intake by just 1,2000 milligrams a day, it could make a major impact on health and medical costs.

According to a Harvard study, attaining a healthy optimum weight can reduce the potential health risks associated with obesity. These include diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. This study found that there is a direct relationship between a person’s body mass index and the likelihood of their developing one or more of these diseases.

When someone successfully reduces his or her weight by just 5-10%, for example, he or she can reduce the risk of developing heart disease. It’s also important to note that people are less likely to develop gallstones when they choose the path of losing a pound a week.

In order to lose a pound of fat, researchers believe approximately 3,500 calories need to be burned. Losing a pound a week is considered to be a safe rate, and the chances of being successful with this level of weight loss are increased with a combination of proper nutrition and physical activity.

In addition to participating in a weight-loss program that includes healthy foods and regular aerobic activities, there are safe, non-invasive medical treatments for weight loss. One of these is CoolSculpting.

Participating in a program at a weight loss center can make a major difference in how successful a person is with achieving healthy weight loss. Because a weight loss center also provides coaching, which includes emotional support and motivational guidance, it can be even more effective than attempting to lose weight alone.

If you’d like to learn more about CoolSculpting and receive guidance and support to attain your healthy optimal weight, contact the Lexington or Louisville Center for Weight Loss today.


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