All About Coolsculpting

coolsculptingSometimes, it can feel as if you have done everything you can in terms of dieting and exercise to achieve the body of your dreams. If you are feeling frustrated about your weight loss efforts and have a few areas of fat that just won’t get away, coolsculpting is for you.

What is coolsculpting?
Coolsculpting is a fat freezing procedure that is meant to treat pockets of stubborn fat. It is approved by the FDA and the results are permanent.

What does the process entail?
This noninvasive procedure requires no anesthesia or downtime, and you will be able to go back to your everyday life right after the treatment. Before the treatment, you will sit with a medical weight loss specialist and you will both determine what areas of your body to work on. Then that area of the body will be placed into a machine, which then will target fat cells under the skin with very cold temperatures. The treated cells are crystallized, frozen, then they die, and your body will naturally eliminate the fat. This process is not painful, and you will not need any pain relief medications.

What areas of the body work best?
This treatment is only beneficial to areas that tend to have excess fat, such as your thighs, hips, abdomen, legs, and arms. It is also important to remember that since only specific areas are targeted during this procedure, fat will only be removed from exactly where you want it. Your fat cells will not shift after treatment, so you don’t have to worry about being unhappy with your results.

The difference between losing fat and losing weight
It is important to remember that while coolsculpting can help you achieve the body you desire, it is not a weight loss program. It is important to know the difference between losing weight and losing fat — losing weight makes fat cells smaller, but losing weight does remove fat cells for good. But having a treatment like this will actually go ahead and remove fat cells from your body at a rate of 20% to 25%.

Across the nation, more than two in three adults are considered to be overweight or obese. If you would like to work on your body and eliminate stubborn fat, contact our weight loss clinic today to learn more about the different options available to you.

5 Weight Loss Tips From Around the World

medical weight loss programsThere are so many dieting tips available out there that it can seem incredibly overwhelming. However, it is interesting to see how different cultures view weight loss help, so we have created a list of five weight loss tips and tricks from all around the world. Read on to get inspired.

Eating spicy food can benefit your diet plan in two ways: the spices can speed up your metabolism, and generally spicy food causes you to eat slower. This is incredibly helpful because it is all too easy to eat fast, and once your body signals it is full, it is most likely too late. So throw a few spices on your plate for dinner tonight to help you slow down and really enjoy your food.

The Poles recommend eating more meals at home in order to sustain a trim figure. Eating at home will remove all temptations you may have to eat unhealthy foods at restaurants. Plus, preparing the meal is just as much fun as eating it!

The Netherlands
Get out there and ride your bike! The Dutch seem to know what they’re talking about, as bikes outnumber people in this small European country. Use your bike to commute to work, to ride around the block, to go to the grocery store — anything to help break up the monotony that walking can bring.

Eat slowly. French eaters are known to not rush their meals and to truly enjoy their food. When you do this, chances are you will be able to listen to your body when it signals to you that you’re full. The French also have different courses per each meal, which is a great way to incorporate some fruits, vegetables, and whole grains into your diet.

Have a garden! Growing your own food means you will automatically be making your diet more nutritious. Going through the hassle of tending a garden and raising crops will cause you to find unique ways to incorporate veggies and fruits into your diet everywhere you turn.

Across the United States, more than one-third of adults are considered to be obese. If you need some extra help losing those extra pounds, consider investing in medical weight loss programs at our weight loss clinic. Working with a professional will keep you motivated all year round to be a more healthier you!

For more information on the different medical weight loss programs we offer, contact our clinic today.

Quick and Unique Weight Loss Hacks

medical weightYou have probably read all the different tricks in the book on weight loss. We all know that the ABCs of a healthy lifestyle includes a lot of protein, vegetables, and dedication. But more often than not, these tips and tricks have been overdone and aren’t really working for anyone. So if you need help with losing weight, try out these unexpected weight loss hacks that just might jump start your next diet.

Buy smaller plates
The idea is simple: the smaller your plate, the less you will eat! It is easier to stick to portion control this way, and you will be able to convince yourself you are eating more than you actually are. We promise you won’t know the difference.

Keep fruit in your desk
It is okay to snack when you’re working, as long as it is mindful snacking. The best way to get over the 3 p.m. chocolate craving slump? Keep some sweet fruit around. Oranges, apples, and bananas are pretty portable, and won’t go bad if you forget them over the weekend.

Brush your teeth
Don’t trust yourself not to raid the fridge for a late night snack? Simply brush your teeth after your last meal and you’ll feel too minty fresh to ruin your pearly whites.

Park as far away as possible
In order to lose one pound a week at a safe rate of weight loss, you will have to diet and/or exercise your way to a 500 calorie deficit every day. These calories don’t have to be burned all at the same time, so small changes like parking on the other side of the mall, or around the block from your office, can make a big difference over time.

Keep a bottle of water around at all times
Liquid calories are the culprit behind a lot of sneaky weight gain (and don’t forget about those liquid calories in alcohol!), so simply keeping a bottle of water around will keep the thirst at bay. Feel free to go ahead and sip on some tea as well if you need a little boost.

Besides these small weight loss hacks, if you need some extra support you should consider attending a medical weight loss program at a weight loss clinic. Working with a qualified counselor is a great way to tackle your weight gain and get back to your happy, healthy self!

To learn more about our different medical weight loss programs, call our Louisville medical weight loss clinic today.

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