Coolsculpting Facts: a Beginner’s Guide

coolsculpting factsWeight loss is a journey that takes a lot of time and patience. After all, as a rule of thumb researchers believe that you have to burn roughly 3,500 calories in order to lose one pound of fat.

However, it is possible to hit some road blocks when you are on your weight loss program. No matter how healthy you eat or how much aerobic activity you complete, there can be a time where your body just doesn’t change like you would want it to. This is where the coolsculpting procedure can come in.

The coolsculpting treatment is for those looking for a little extra weight loss help. Here are some coolsculpting facts that will help you understand a little bit more about this interesting procedure.

  1. It is not meant to be used all over your body. Instead, coolsculpting is meant to be a isolated treatment for specific troublesome areas. How will you know if you are a good candidate for this treatment? Consider your workout and lifestyle, and if you are happy with your results. If there is an area of your body that you think could use some extra help, coolsculpting is the way to go.
  2. Coolsculpting was inspired by children eating popsicles! Doctors noticed that when children would suck frozen treats, their cheeks would firm up and lose volume. So, they have transferred this technology to work on specifically targeted fat cells in other areas of the body.
  3. The procedure works by putting areas of the skin in a machine, and exposing it to sub-zero temperatures. This will result in death of fat cells, which will be shed by the body’s immune system within two to three months.
  4. This treatment works the best on the thighs, abdomen,and love handles. It will not work well with broader areas, so make sure to speak to a doctor for a consultation as a way to understand if you are a candidate.
  5. The procedure is non-invasive and doesn’t require any downtime. If you wanted, you could go to your doctor’s office on your lunch hour and return back for meetings that afternoon!

With these coolsculpting facts in mind, does this sound like something you would like to try? If so, don’t hesitate to contact our clinic today!

How to Lose Weight Without Even Thinking : Part 1

weight loss centerThe warm weather is here, and that means more time outside and less time cooped up indoors with nothing to do. But, warmer weather does bring those shorts and tank tops, and many may feel uncomfortable with the few extra pounds they have gained during the winter.

Summer is tricky — you want to be carefree and enjoy the weather but it can be tempting with all the unhealthy foods out there (hello ice cream!) So, our weight loss center has come up with some easy weight loss tips and tricks that will get you losing weight without even thinking of it! After all, the easier the weight loss plan the better, right?

Tip 1: Put everything on your plate

Chances are you may have heard the trick of eating off smaller plates as a way to eat less food while still feeling full. This does work, but only if you put everything on your plate before you eat it. So don’t eat out of a package, box, or bag, and lay everything out in front of you. You are less likely to overeat when you see your entire meal all at once.

Tip 2: Create your diet based on things that grow outdoors

You don’t have to become a vegetarian, but if you load up your plate with things that come from the ground, you can fill up much faster than you’d think. It doesn’t matter how much of these fruits, veggies, and legumes you are eating — they’re full of fiber and good carbohydrates — just make sure they take up the majority of your plate.

Tip 3: Stick to a list

We’ve all been there, grocery shopping without a list and we bring home a bunch of junk food. All you need to do is to plan your meals ahead of time and you won’t be tempted to buy or eat anything unhealthy. This method can work for the majority of dieters as 61% prefer to use regular grocery store food for all their meal prep.

If you are looking for additional weight loss help, don’t worry — our medical weight loss center will be adding new tips soon in our next blog post!

5 Tips and Tricks That Will Make Dieting Fun

weight lossLosing weight may seem complicated, but in reality it just requires you to balance the calories you consume and your activity level. For example, as a rule of thumb, to lose one pound a week at a safe rate you would need to diet or exercise away a 500-calorie deficit every day.

While this can be easy for some, other dieters have a problem sticking to a weight loss program because dieting can be too boring or too difficult. So, as a way to make dieting fun, here are some simple weight loss tricks to follow.

Cook with ingredients you aren’t familiar with
One of the best parts about dieting is experimenting and trying out new foods. Eating the same food every day can quickly become boring, so if something looks unique (and healthy) at the store, try it out! You may surprise yourself with your creativity.

Go for as many colors on your plate as possible
Next time you are at the farmer’s market, buy as many colorful fruits and veggies as you can fit into your basket. Again, get creative with colors and textures. Every night when you are making dinner, give yourself a challenge to make a rainbow on your plate. This simple change will make healthy meals more exciting.

Choose tea over soda
Tea is a great diet supplement, as it comes packed with flavor and doesn’t have any calories. That is, if you keep the sweeteners and sugar at bay! There are many different varieties of tea to choose from, and whether you drink it iced or hot, chances are sipping tea will cut down on cravings immensely.

Add salsa to everything
Looking for a simple way to incorporate veggies into your meal? Simply add healthy salsas to everything and anything from baked potatoes to chicken breasts and sauteed veggies. With a great dose of flavor, eating a veggie-filled meal couldn’t be easier.

Follow the 10-minute rule
If you have a busy schedule and don’t have time to consistently exercise, this tip is for you. All you need to do is get moving for a few minutes at a time and you will get your heart pumping and calories burning. Put on your favorite song and walk around the block, dance in the kitchen, or do a bunch of jumping jacks — anything you’d like for 10 minutes. Since the time is so short, that dreaded exercise time will go by even quicker!

If you need an extra boost with your weight loss plan, consider attending a medical weight loss center to work with a professional. While these simple weight loss tips are great for starting a diet, sustained weight loss is often elusive. To find a healthy weight loss plan that works for you, consider working with a doctor supervised weight loss clinic.

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