How To Enjoy Your Fall Favorites Without Packing On The Pounds

professional weight loss helpFall is just around the corner, and this likely has you dreaming of your favorite comfort food. Mac and cheese, creamy casseroles, and decedent pies are just too delicious to deny. While these are a quintessential part of the season, you don’t want to move backward from your weight loss goals. Fortunately, you don’t have to.

Whether you are working with professional weight loss help or going solo, follow these tips to stick to your healthy lifestyle while letting yourself indulge.

Make veggies the base of the meal.
Whenever you are at a family gathering and face the task of making your plate, reach for vegetables first. Pile on the greens and then use the rest of the space to indulge in your favorite dishes. This way, you can still get the nutrients you need while also indulging.

Keep up with your exercise routine
Moving your body regularly is key to a healthy metabolism, so try not to skip your workouts. Professional weight loss help can help you find the motivation to stick with your fitness goals, even if you feel yourself slipping. One day of indulgence does not need to throw you off the rails.

Practice portion control
Go ahead and eat that piece of pie, just cut a small slice. Small portions of fatty and sugary foods can give you a taste of the flavors you crave without adding the extra calories.

Plan ahead before eating out
While eating at restaurants, you are faced with an overabundance of your favorite comfort foods. To avoid going rogue, look up the menu before you leave and plan out what you are going to order. So, if you choose that juicy burger, you can commit to having broccoli on the side instead of fries.

Practice the 80/20 rule
This is the golden rule of healthy lifestyles. Eat healthy 80% of the time and let yourself indulge during the other 20%. This lets you have your cake and eat it too — but only if you eat your veggies for lunch.

Studies show that the average American dieter tries to lose weight four times per year. This shows that falling off the bandwagon is all too easy. To combat this, commit to a healthy life while letting yourself give into your cravings occasionally. You may even notice that those cravings become far and few between.