4 Tricks That Will Help Motivate You to Lose Weight

healthy lifestyleWhen it comes to losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle, there are certain tips and tricks that work for each person. But to get there, each dieter needs to gain motivation. This can be easier said than done, but considering that more than one in 20 adults are considered to have extreme obesity in the United States, it is more important than ever to get on track, fast.

We all know that fast weight loss doesn’t happen overnight, but here are some different ideas that can help get your weight loss plan revved up and ready to go.

  • Have a friend
    There’s nothing worse than promising to do something with a friend, then having to bail. So with this in mind, have a workout friend to hold you responsible for your weight loss goals. Not only will they be there to coach and motivate you, you’ll most likely have fun working out when you’re with a friend, having fun.
  • Keep a food journal
    There’s a lot of power that comes with keeping a food diary. It will help you pinpoint exactly what times of the day you are hungry, what meals you struggle to eat healthily, and it will create eating habits and patterns that you can work on. Plus, don’t forget to log your activity in here, as its always a good thing to compare and contrast your fitness level to what you ate that day.
  • Make small goals
    While it is an easy thing to create a large weight loss goal, it can be demoralizing if you don’t get results right away. So to prevent this, make sure to create small, attainable goals. Doing so will give you the boost you need to keep going. For example, don’t create a goal of losing one pound a week. Instead, create the goal of making sure to go on a walk every single day.
  • Buy a few cookbooks
    Having all the information right in front of you is all you need to create a healthy meal. Sometimes people get caught up in the hassle of cooking and go out to eat far too often. But buying a cookbook will give you some inspiration to live that healthy lifestyle you crave.

Simply follow these four tips and you’ll be on your way to losing weight fast, without you even realizing it.

How to Keep Yourself From Overeating

nutrient packed foodObesity is an issue that millions of people in the United States face every single day. So many of these people say that they’ve tried to lose the weight they’ve gained, but struggle to do so. They often feel angry, frustrated, and confused as to why they aren’t losing weight, even if they work out a few days a week and have changed their diet.

Sometimes, working out isn’t the thing that is going to show some major body changes. Depending on your genetic makeup and lifestyle, you may need something much more than just a late-night gym session or a super-restrictive diet. It may surprise you, but that super-restrictive diet of yours may actually be the problem.

When you cut-back on certain nutrients and calories too much, you’re making your body wave a red flag. By drastically depriving your body of what it’s wants and needs, your body turns on its inner starvation mode and causes your metabolism to slow down. Usually, people will restrict their food intake by skipping breakfast and lunch, only to find themselves stuffing everything that they can find into their mouths for dinner. This act spirals downward into a pit of overeating. So, how does one stop overeating and still lose weight? Let’s take a look at some things that can be done.

Never Skip Breakfast
You may think that skipping breakfast is going to help you drop a few pounds. However, that isn’t the case. If you don’t eat breakfast, you will slowly start to feel hungrier and hungrier throughout the day. This will cause you to want to eat everything in sight because by 12:00 p.m., your body believes that it’s starving.

Eat Well
By eating nutrient packed food, you’re not only helping your body lose weight, you’re also helping it by putting the things in it that it actually needs. Sure, french fries sound delicious, and many people would probably agree with you. Truth is, the number of fast food restaurants has actually more than doubled since the 1970s. But your body most likely needs green beans instead. Stick with selections that are nutrient packed foods instead of the junk that is processed.

Keep a Food Journal
If you keep track of everything you steadily eat throughout the day, you will notice how balanced you are able to eat without stuffing your face with everything and anything. It’ll also show you how much nutrient packed food you were able to get into your daily meals. You want to eat as much nutrient packed food as possible. Also, keep track of how you’re feeling after you eat every single item you write down. If you’re ever feeling sick after eating something, you’ll be able to know exactly what made you feel that way and avoid it in the future.

If you find yourself not being able to lose weight but don’t know why, take a look at your eating habits. If you don’t know what to do or how to eat better, reach out to a weight loss center to get yourself set toward a more healthy lifestyle.

4 Simple Mistakes That Can Be Hurting Your Metabolism

healthy metabolismOn paper, losing weight is a basic math equation. At a safe rate of weight loss, you’d have to diet and/or exercise your way to a 500-calorie deficit every day to lose just one pound a week. But there’s more to weight loss than simply exercising and eating nutrient-packed food. This is where your metabolism comes in.

Your metabolism is a bodily function that helps your body break down the food you eat and turn it into energy. It works to basically fuel your body and burn fat, and it works even when you’re not active. But with this in mind, it is important to know that you have to follow a healthy lifestyle to keep up a healthy metabolism rate.

A slow metabolism can make you feel sluggish, worn down, and hamper your weight loss goals. So make sure your metabolism is healthy by keeping an eye out for these common mistakes.

  • Mistake: Not sleeping enough
    Being chronically sleep deprived can really cause a lot of metabolic issues such as reducing appetite control and boosting cravings. Plus, it can increase your cortisol levels, which store fat in the body and make it harder to burn. So try your hardest to stick to seven to nine hours of sleep every night.
  • Mistake: Drinking too much coffee
    While great in the morning, the caffeine in coffee can dehydrate you. Plus, caffeine is a natural appetite suppressant, which can cause you not to eat. And when you skip a meal, when you finally eat your body will be storing the food you eat as fat instead of using it as energy.
  • Mistake: Not filling up on protein
    Protein is great for boosting your metabolism because it will help you grow muscle. And when you have more muscle in your body, you will be burning more fat per hour, even when sitting down!
  • Mistake: Spending the majority of the day sitting
    Even if you have a desk job, try to get up as often as you can to walk around. Simply moving around can give your metabolism the boost it needs.

Make sure to keep these mistakes in mind during your weight loss journey. You’ll not only have a healthy metabolism, but you’ll feel great in the process.

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