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After Ageless Weight Loss Vicky

Before I began my journey with Ageless, I had no energy, no self esteem and simply put, no desire. Everything I did I had to make myself do due to the added strain my weight was putting on my body both physically and mentally. Imagine if you would, strapping a child (or another adult) to your back and then performing your daily routine. That would put tremendous strain on your joints, your muscles and your desire to do anything. That was me before Ageless. The simple movement to bend over to pick something up or to tie my shoes was difficult for me. Since the weight loss with Ageless, i have energy, self esteem and the desire is back in my life! I am active. I stay in a much better all over mood. I do more things with my children. Ageless is a true life-changing program that will make you a better person!*

Alicia's Testimonial

In February of 2014, I pretty much hit rock bottom from an unhealthy weight perspective. My husband and I decided to take a trip to Las Vegas for Valentine’s Day. Much to my surprise, my husband secretly set up a vow renewal ceremony for us, including hiring a photographer to capture these wonderful memories. When I got the photos after our trip, I felt sick. I knew that I had been steadily gaining weight after having 2 kids, but I almost didn’t even recognize the person in the photos. When I got up the courage to weigh myself, I realized that my BMI was 40, which put me in the morbidly obese category, yikes! At that moment I decided I HAD to make a change. One of my co-workers had great success at Ageless Center, so I thought I’d give it a try and I started the program in February 2014.

I had tried so many diets in the past; some worked, some didn’t, some left me starving and completely out of energy. I had no idea what to expect, but after a few weeks on the program, I KNEW this was going to be different! I absolutely love the staff at Ageless Center. They are all former patients so they know what it’s like to be in my shoes. I was able to borrow hope from them because they themselves had been successful on the program. I was also worried about the food- trading fast food for shakes & soups didn’t seem like it was going to be easy- but guess what? It WAS easy. The food is yummy & I love the fact that I don’t have to do a lot of complicated shopping & meal planning. This was a huge key to my success. Also because of Ageless approach, I didn’t feel hungry…ever! Week after week, the pounds kept steadily dropping off. I finally began to believe that I CAN do this!

I love the Ageless Center’s balanced approach to weight loss. Right from the beginning they encouraged me to exercise.

I hadn’t exercised regularly in a LONG time (like forever)! When I started exercising it was hard for me to run for more than a half a minute. They kept encouraging me to just focus on exercising for 15 minutes a day. I thought, gosh that seems doable, so I kept at it. After a couple months I was running for 20 minutes nonstop at a time (I know this seems wimpy to hard core runners- but it was a big accomplishment for me). Running gave me the courage to sign up for boot camp classes and that is my current healthy addiction. I go at least 3 times a week for an hour long class and I LOVE it!

Another huge motivator is that Ageless regularly tracks your cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, body measurement, and body fat/lean muscle percentage. Thankfully my cholesterol, blood pressure, and glucose were all within healthy ranges when I started the program. Tracking all of these elements gives you a much better picture of your complete progress. If I was doing this on my own, I would have only been able to look at the scale and wouldn’t have been able to really see the benefits of exercise and strength training. I love that the Ageless staff takes the time to explain and encourage increasing healthy muscle mass.

It’s now been over a year since I started on the Ageless program. I’ve lost 72 pounds, my body fat % has dropped by 18%, and I’ve lost over 68 inches and dropped 10 pant sizes! I am within 20lbs of my goal weight and with Ageless Center’s encouragement & support, I’m making steady progress to reach my ultimate goal. The best part is that they’ve helped me learn a completely new approach to eating & exercise. The Ageless program is NOT a “diet”, it’s a total lifestyle change that I know I can follow for the rest of my life. I am beyond grateful to Ageless Center staff for giving me the hope, encouragement, and tools I needed to change my life! My only regret is not doing it earlier.*

Thank You Ageless Center!

John After Ageless Medical Weight Loss

After having a Heart Stent installed for 99% artery blockage in June 2013, I was looking for alternatives to my weight problem. I had tried Weight Watchers in the past with limited success. Also, I was on many medications for blood pressure and cholesterol control as well. A close friend referred me to Ageless and I decided to give the clinic a chance before resorting to bariatric surgery. Best decision ever!! Now, I am off all medications and maintaining on the program. I continue to receive support from the Ageless Staff and have a Lifetime Membership to the clinic.*

Thanks Ageless, for giving me my life back…

Weight Loss Before and After