Ageless Center Staff Of The Month

September 2015 Staff Of The Month

Ageless Center Lexington Center AdministratorHi my name is Michelle Minor and I came to Ageless as a patient in December of 2014. I have struggled with weight loss since high school and due to recent health issues it became a constant battle. I knew I needed help outside of my comfort zone. I was exhausted all the time and did not have the energy needed to be the wife, mother, and woman I wanted to be. That’s when I saw and Ageless commercial on TV and decided to call and schedule my free consultation. I’m so thankful I found Ageless! Not only have I lost over 40lbs, but through the ongoing support of the staff I have learned how to maintain my new healthy lifestyle!

Now as the newest member of the Ageless staff I am thrilled to be a part of an amazing team helping make a difference in the lives of our patients every day!

Michelle Minor, Lexington Center Administrator

Ageless Center Staff Of The Month

August 2015 Staff Of The Month

Ageless Center August Staff Of The MonthI’m a single mom to an amazing 11 year old daughter. I work hard to provide her with a positive, strong role model and to empower her to be her best self every day. Thanks to the almost 40 pounds I’ve lost on the Ageless program, we are able to live an active, healthy lifestyle.

I came to Ageless a year ago with 10 years’ experience already under my belt. I love having the opportunity to see people change every day. I’m excited to see people gain their confidence back or find it for the first time.

I’m blessed to work with such a great team. We’ve all been through the program and our success helps to motivate our patients. I truly enjoy what I do.

Ashley Carden, Louisville Center Weight Loss Counselor

Ageless Center Staff Of The Month

July 2015 Staff Of The Month

Ageless Center July Staff Of The MonthI have been a certified Clinical Medical Assistant for over 30 years and have also been in the medical field for over 40 years. I came to Ageless in 2010. I knew I had found my passion the day I started. There have been struggles in my life where I put on and took off a lot of weight, but I have lost 120 pounds. Ageless is an amazing program and it can completely change your life! You will transform your body inside and out. Ageless will reset your metabolism, so you can keep your weight off for good, as it has done for me. I have so much compassion and love for my patients. I cannot imagine anything better than getting the chance to help people change their lives, become happier, and to be able to teach them how to maintain a healthier balanced lifestyle.

I enjoy educating each patient and helping them overcome obstacles to reach their goals!

Allie Smith, CMA, Louisville Center Weight Loss Counselor

Ageless Center Staff Of The Month

June 2015 Staff Of The Month

Ageless Center June Staff Of The MonthMy name is Lynsi Perraut and I have been a Registered Nurse since 2008. After working in the hospital for a couple of years, I knew it wasn’t where I wanted to be the rest of my nursing career. I came to Ageless in 2010 and knew I had found what I was meant to do. I love getting the chance to help people change their lives. I had my own weight struggles and tried many different diets over the years and never could reach my goal or keep weight off for a significant amount of time. Ageless finally taught me not only how to lose the weight, but how to maintain with a new healthy lifestyle. I have learned so much over the past 5 years and love sharing it with patients. Outside of my Ageless family, I’m married to my husband Adam and we had our first son Oliver last year.

I am grateful for the chance to work with wonderful co-workers and patients!

Lynsi Perraut, RN, Lexington Center Weight Loss Consultation Specialist

Ageless Center Staff Of The Month

March 2015 Staff Of The Month

Fitness and Wellness has always been a passion, lifestyle and career path for me. Even when I was playing little league years and years ago (lol),I had a passion for fitness and making myself healthier. When I was a kid, I used to read my father’s Muscle and Fitness magazine constantly. That is where I first learned about exercise physiology, nutrition and Kinesiology even as a 10 year old. I have always enjoyed studying about fitness and nutrition so making health and wellness a career path was an easy decision for me. I have been in the Wellness Industry for 18 years helping others to meet and exceed their fitness and wellness goals. I am a people person and people pleaser; I really enjoy working with the public and meeting new people every day. When Bill brought me on board with the Ageless Center, it was really the best of both worlds for me. My true passion is working with people one on one and I am able to accomplish that here at The Ageless Center. We are motivators, educators and listeners for our patients. Not only do our patients learn from us, we learn from them as well! I am very thankful for this opportunity to work and grow at the Ageless Center.

Bryon Douglas, B.S., Louisville Center Weight Loss Manager

Ageless Center Staff Of The Month

February 2015 Staff Of The Month

When I first came through the front doors of our office as a patient, I never dreamed that I would be playing the role I am today. I have learned so much about what healthy choices look like, and even more importantly how to implement them in daily life. Being a huge nerd, I continue to be a student of wellness and strive to find out everything possible to assist our clients in making the journey toward a healthier lifestyle one that is not only exciting and rewarding, but also attainable! So many of my fellow staff members and especially my clients have taught me more than they will ever know and I appreciate all of you so very much! Not only do you help to keep me on track with my own choices, but you provide me with the incentive to learn more. Help more. Encourage more. Listen more. High five more. Hug more. Just be there more. Even those years ago (and pounds ago!) as a patient, I knew that Ageless was special. As we continue to evolve and meet the needs of our clients, I personally welcome all feedback, positive and negative, as to how to improve even further. We’ve come a long way at ensuring weight loss and fitness goals are met and kept due to the hard work and dedication of many. Feel free to email me directly any tidbits of praise, requests, or considerations regarding what tweaks may result in even better, more effective client-focused care!

Johnna Lock, Lexington Center Weight Loss Manager