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Our weight loss program can help with diabetes, pre-diabetics, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and chronic pain related to obesity*.  Research shows that teaming with a medical professional to achieve your weight loss goals produces greater, longer-lasting results*.  Advantages for your weight loss success include the decreased risk of a heart attack, stroke, reversal of diabetes, increased energy, pain reduction, improved mobility and extended quality of life*.

You will have weekly, one-on-one sessions with a member of our team. Unlike diet programs where you may be 1 of 40 in a room, we believe that weight loss – and the reasons why an individual may struggle with their weight – are intensely personal.

At Ageless, you will find a level of understanding that you won’t find anywhere else. A majority of our staff is comprised of former Ageless patients. We’ve been in your shoes, and we know how to help!

Our Highly Effective Programs and Food

While you get to eat nutrient-rich foods our programs reset your metabolic processes, preserving your body’s lean muscle while rapidly burning through excess fat.

With Ageless, you can expect:

  • An initial, comprehensive exam by a qualified medical professional.

  • Physician review of medical history and medications.

  • Evaluation of kidney, liver, thyroid, and basic cardiac function.

  • Calculate current insulin resistance & cardiac risk.

  • Education on individual lifestyle changes & nutritional requirements.

  • Evaluation for weight loss medications if patient qualifies, desires them, and is medically safe.

  • Determine & track body fat percentage, lean muscle, water, and BMI through our body composition analyzer.

  • Determine actual resting metabolic rate through highly specialized equipment.

  • Weekly support, encouragement, and motivation from our medical team.

  • Work with your physician to help manage current obesity related disease processes.

  • High quality, nutrient-rich foods that will keep you from feeling hungry.

  • Weekly one-on-one coaching that provides you with the tools to help overcome temptations.

  • Monitoring throughout the weight loss process to ensure your safety and preservation of lean muscle.

  • Education and training about how to make healthy food and lifestyle choices.

  • We offer a variety of vitamins and amino acid supplements for energy, as well as Vitamin B12 injections.

Ask about monthly payments!

The Ageless Center is the premier choice for medical weight loss in Louisville and Lexington KY. Contact us today!


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Lexington Office

149 Moore Drive
Lexington, KY 40503

Phone: (859) 335-1330


Louisville Office

10003 Forest Green Blvd.
Louisville, KY 40223

Phone: (502) 896-0060

*Individual results may vary.

The results as seen or read in the examples on this website are from real people. The results they’re sharing were achieved through their effort and participation in our program.  You are a unique individual and your journey begins in a specific place. Your average weekly weight loss, results in six months, a year, two years, will also be yours alone. We believe our program is uniquely capable of helping you achieve meaningful and measurable weight loss results.

Lifetime Membership – FREE For the Rest of Your Life

We are fully committed to your success. We don’t just want you to lose weight, but to lose weight permanently*. Even after you have reached your goal, you are welcome back for weekly weigh-ins and counseling…for the rest of your life…AT NO COST. That’s commitment!

We also offer members discounted prices for food products and MedSpa services.

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