Weight Loss Tips

How much does it cost?

We have weight loss plans to fit ANY budget! We are committed to making good health affordable to all. You can choose to pay in full or take advantage of interest free low monthly payment options. We have several different lenders that work with ALL credit levels.

Does Ageless work with insurance companies for payment?

The Ageless team is very familiar with Insurance companies required/approved codes for billing. We can provide detailed superbills to submit to insurance companies at patient desired frequency. Additionally, we also have two different lenders that offer low monthly payment options to reduce out of pocket costs.

For any costs not covered by insurance, we offer payment options to fit ANY budget! We are so committed to making good health affordable that we offer three financing plans – Care Credit and Alphaeon.

For those who qualify, Care Credit and Alphaeon offer no interest for up to 12 months. We also have low interest beyond 12 months. Between these two options, no one is turned down for financing! Low monthly payments are based on your budget.

We gladly accept: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, American Express, cash, check. HSA (health savings accounts) and FSA (flexible spending accounts) are also accepted (check with your health insurance provider).

Does Ageless have appetite suppressants?

Yes, under the supervision of our Medical team we provide only FDA approved appetite suppressants. However, we believe that is only a small fraction of your weight loss success. Ageless provides you with a comprehensive weight loss program that focuses on nutrition, education, and long-term maintenance strategies.

Does Ageless work with pre-surgery patients?

Yes. We have many patients who must get to a healthier point with their weight and overall health before they can be considered for surgery.

What is the success rate of our patient base?

How is our success rate 2/3 higher than all other programs? First, we stay away from the flavor of the month weight loss fads. Losing weight and keeping it off is a lifestyle change and we focus on that approach. Secondly, we stay far away from dangerous elements of weight loss. We choose a safe, medically supervised quick weight loss approach that focuses on nutrition and long term maintenance strategies. Lastly, rather than focus on a “quick fix” mentality to lose the weight we provide a comprehensive program that takes you through to maintenance.

Has our medical staff been on our program?

Yes, a majority of our team is a product of our program. It’s extremely rare to have a diversified staff of medical professionals who have also been successful patients on our program. They will understand all that you experience during your weight loss journey and be able to provide support, understanding, and empathy along the way.

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